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Actual Day

1.1 master wedding planners, coordinate and manage all the activities of the day

1 Principal Wedding planner, overseeing the whole event

2.2 wedding assistants, coordinating all external wedding suppliers, arranging guests to sign in, supervising the arrangement of food and drinks; 1 video and audio coordinator-manage live video playback. To ensure that everything is operating correctly and smoothly on the day

2 Wedding day coordinators, coordinate with all vendors/suppliers, handle the reception/food and drinks; 1 AV coordinator manage audio visuals. Ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

Actual Day Coordination only-SGD2299

-2 meeting with you and accompany you to see a wedding venue

2 Meetings, 1 venue visiting

-8 hours service on the wedding day

8hrs service on Actual Day

Actual Day Coordination only

Sales Tax Included
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